Tested the Hybrid U-DF-B wireless microphone.

As per our previous post on the Hybrid U-DF-B and as promised we have tested the build quality and audio output and the range of the Hybrid U-DF-B wireless microphone. This is a very capable microphone and we believe will easily compete with microphones in its category and price range.

The dual-set microphone is not expensive at all and comes in the standard microphone black. The build quality is very good and is quite light and will not tire out the hand or wrist. Sound quality is good and for mobile DJs or PA setups, this would easily fill the gap when it comes to a cheap low-end but good-quality microphone.

The setup of the microphone is very easy, it can be set up by a novice and we also found the quality for karaoke usage to be impressive. The range was also impressive, we tested the microphone at a distance of about 60 meters but not in a straight line or “line of sight” but around a 90-degree street corner. We would assume that line of sight would probably add another 10-20 meters to the range.

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