Rig4Hire is here.

As promised Audxtreme™’s “Rig4Hire” is here. The gap in the market is evident, mobile DJs cannot afford to purchase their own equipment upfront and transport the equipment to the respective event thus losing out on experience and income. Some new DJs also don’t have the technical background to set up a successful mobile rig.

It is important to note that Audxtreme™ does not hire audio DJ equipment outright, it hires out a service that includes the delivery of the equipment to and from the event, setup and takedown of the equipment and a qualified audio technician/engineer onsite that is by the DJs side until the end of the event.

The only equipment we do not supply in the “Rig4Hire” setup is Audio Controllers, CDJs, MDJs, Turntables and Headphones. Our service also includes assisting the DJ with what is required technically to play to a certain number of guests in a certain sized venue. The Rig4Hire is broken down into three categories or packages namely, the Rig50, Rig150 and Rig300.

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