Hybrid PB15L – Composite bass bins in SA.

The Hybrid PB15L is one of the very first 15-inch plastic composite molded subwoofers or bass bins which not many know about. They are also very hard to come by these days so if you have a set of these, I’d say you are very lucky. It is a real pity, that it is not available anymore from Viva Africa or BC Electronics, they are really handy, especially as a mobile disc jockey.

Audxtreme™ tested these 15-inch bins and played them to just over 300 people in an enclosed wooden floor school hall and they packed a genuine punch, the sound clarity is just amazing, and phenomenal for a “non-popular branded” subwoofer system, Audxtreme™ ended up purchasing four of these bass bins which we use for our mobile functions such as weddings, birthday party’s, school functions, etc. The build of the bins is strong and has the same shape as the Hybrid PB15N MKI passive speaker with two comfortable handles on either side of the cabinet making it easy to handle and transport, it also boasts a massive top-level port. These bins are very versatile, meaning they can either be placed standing up or laying on their side. In all honesty, the Hybrid MKIs (bass bins and tops) are the best-designed plastic composite speakers in all categories, but hey that is just my opinion. The MKIIs are very bulky and it misses out on the additional carrying handle that its predecessor had. But hey we own a set of Hybrid 15″ MKIIs, an active and a passive and it does the job.

Specifications are:

Frequency Response 40Hz-360Hz
Sensitivity 98dB @ 1W/1M
Impedance 8 Ohms
Power (AES) 300W
LF Driver 1x 15. 400W (AES)
8 Ohms
3 Voice coil
90 Oz magnet
Weight KG 18

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