DJ laptop optimisation.

No matter what computer operating system you use, you will always have some form of software running in the background that either slows your laptop down or causes conflicts with your DJing software. I stick to the following steps to keep our laptops running optimally.

  • Disable all auto software updates.
  • Make sure all your drivers are up to date.
  • Set your performance plans to its “highest” settings possible.
  • Make sure your DJ firmware and or software is up to date.
  • Set your display never to go off.
  • Set disk drives never to go off or sleep.
  • Don’t have any unnecessary programs running.
  • Plug USB devices directly into the laptop and not any hub.
  • Disable processes that are not needed.
  • Always reboot your laptop before a set.
  • Run a defrag a few hours before a set.

Sticking to these few steps will keep your laptop running smoothly most of the time. The laptops that we use are only used for DJing nothing else. So it would be good to have a dedicated laptop.

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