Sodium-ion vs Lithium-ion

The high cost and volatility of Lithium-ion have been a talking point for a while, China is pushing the boundaries by getting Sodium-ion batteries out this year. The Sodium-ion battery is cheaper to make, chargers faster and up to 400% more efficient. Sodium-ion is also in abundance compared with Lithium.

The automotive industry will be excited because the reduction of costs running electric vehicles will be radically reduced. Other industries such as cell phone manufacturers, notebook pc manufacturers and mobile device manufacturers will all benefit.

So, is sodium-ion battery better than lithium-ion?

Sodium-ion Battery: Which Is a Better Alternative? Sodium is more than 500 times more abundant than lithium, which is available in a few countries. Sodium-ion battery charges faster than lithium-ion variants and have a three times higher lifecycle.

This will change the Audio Mobile industry, more active speakers will go sodium-ion batteries, lighting, wireless microphones, battery-operated controllers, mixers and peripherals will reduce the necessity of power cabling making it truly mobile and effective. Running inverters and storing solar energy will become affordable in times of power failures, load-shedding (South Africa) or off-the-grid living.

China is leading the way with Sodium-ion battery development. The New York Times –

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