Invoking a response to an image captured whether it is positive or negative proves that your job as a photographer is complete. The subtle art of photography will have different meanings to different people, because we are so very different. Find your meaning…..

Audxtreme™ in partnership with its Photographic Division is currently able to offer an Event Photographer as a Value Added Service to your current Audio (DJ or PA) requirements. The current running special rate is R1500 for the event. (compared to normal costs of R3500). Please note costs can change without prior notice and are subject to our terms and conditions.

What is an Event Photographer? An event photographer captures your event as candidly and un-posed as possible to show the natural flow of your event. An event photographer is not a wedding photographer a portraiture photographer, etc. Even though event photography excludes images where subjects pose for images, our photographers will photograph really anything you ask them to photograph, as long as it is linked to the event itself.

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