Generator – Load-shedding hurting the industry.

Loadshedding has become a norm in South Africa, first, the entertainment and hospitality industry is brought to its knees due to the Covid-19 pandemic and then “Load-shedding”. The lack of electricity supply was a reality as the government of the day was forewarned that there is a catastrophe around the corner.

Nevertheless, we and probably many other businesses needed to make tough decisions, we investigated and shopped around to procure a battery inverter to supply power at events, but nothing came close to the power of a generator. Noisy yes, but it works and has the power to give what you need. Battery inverters are way too expensive and in our opinion, cannot deliver the same constant output for 5+ hours or so.

The decision to purchase a unit did not come overnight, we knew we needed a power source other than Eskom for load-shedding, secondly, we also commissioned to do events on farms and areas where there is no electricity at all. Then there are general power failures and you would need to have some sort of a backup power source.

After investigations, we finally came across the MAC-AFRIC MGENER004 Inverter Generator which we purchased and it works well, it is an inverted generator which means it offers pure sine wave instead of non-inverted generators that offer modified sine wave. Due to the fact that you are using sensitive equipment like controllers, laptops, amplifiers, etc.


The MAC AFRIC 3.2kW is our non-silent inverter generator and offers a host of new features compared to traditional generators. Inverter generators produce pure sine wave electricity meaning that sensitive devices with microprocessors (such as TVs, recording equipment, and medical equipment) can safely run at optimal levels. The connectivity on offer is outstanding – with a digital display, 1 full-sized plug, 2 USB ports.

Power Output: 3 200 W (3.2 KW)

Output Voltage: 230 V (Single Phase) @ 50 HZ

Amperage: 8.3 A

Fuel Type: Petrol

Tank Capacity: 7 L

Start Type: Pull Start Only

Voltage Regulator: Yes (AVR)

Oil Capacity: 0.55 L

Engine Displacement: 212 CC

Engine Model: R210(D)-Vi


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